To better serve our community and expand education through the arts, the First National Bank of Pennsylvania invites selected students from Pittsburgh Public Schools into a pilot program to experience, learn, and engage with contemporary arts at the Youth Arts Possibilities Program (YAPP).  Mark Rengers Gallery in collaboration with Sweetwater Center for the Arts intends to create a more accessible space for youth to envision their future potential in the world of art and creativity. Through exhibition tours, conversations with artists, and hands-on activities, young artists will develop a strong understanding of the arts, be imbedded with the power of creative confidence, and gain access to the tools necessary to succeed.  

YAPP is more than an art program. We intend to use art as a vessel to educate students of historical, contemporary, and intrinsic connections, which students can apply to other aspects of learning and future art education programs. At YAPP, students will learn new ways of accessing, understanding, and expressing themselves. YAPP is a place for students to gain exposure to real-world application of the arts and see, for themselves, their future of possibilities. 


The First National Bank Exhibition Hall gives contemporary artists the opportunity to showcase their work and ignite innovative, thoughtful conversations. The exhibition area is an immersive space for the community at large to experience a multitude of exhibitions, associated artist talks, and communal events. Our vision is for the FNB Exhibition Hall to be a hub for sharing diverse narratives for our local community, the region, and beyond. 


All YAPP programs take place at the First National Bank Exhibition Hall, located at 604 Beaver St. Second Floor, Sewickley PA 15143.

YAPP is a collaboration between Mark Rengers Gallery and Sweetwater Center for the Arts, a leader of excellence in art education.


YAPP is sponsored by First National Bank of Pennsylvania.

First National Bank

604 Beaver St.

Sewickley, PA 15143


Mark Rengers Gallery

549 Beaver St.

Sewickley, PA 15143


Sweetwater Center for the Arts

200 Broad St.

Sewickley, PA 15143





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