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Patrick Lee

Patrick Lee’s award-winning paintings can be found at fine art galleries across the country, from Philadelphia and Provincetown to Santa Fe and San Francisco. I’m thrilled to feature his art at my Sewickley Gallery & Frame Shop, as his paintings transport me to another place―and, often, to another time.


This interview took place at Patrick’s studio in Etna, Pennsylvania, a working-class town nestled beside the Allegheny River and ten-minute drive to downtown Pittsburgh. His second-floor studio... 



Rick Lewis

I come from a very rural area, my father was a builder and my mother was a maker. I used to work with my father laying asphalt, and I was very interested in how the material acted, how it behaved. I use bitumen in my work because I know how it behaves and how to manipulate it. I’m trying to find a different material because bitumen is dangerous to use, I mean I wear gloves and a ventilator mask, open the windows, turn on a fan. I can’t make anything that works the same way, though, I’m just so used to it...



Seth Clark

This is one of my least favorite parts of being an artist - talking to you all, you all facing me like this. But anyway! Each piece has a little bit of its own story to tell so we can walk around in a couple minutes if you have questions about specific things. But generally, the three main questions I get are “why architecture,” “why ruin,” and “how do I make it?”


So first off, architecture! I have no architecture background... 



Ray Sokolowski

Read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's article of Ray Sokolowski's sculpture, the Hope Harvey Football Team, by Gene Collier. 






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